What this blog is about

this blogSince I founded Artifactuality in 2005, I always see it as a playground where we can create, develop, and make ANYTHING happen, from TV graphic design, to short stories, to consumer products… If time allows. Which is why, under the legal entity of Artifactuality, besides our TV graphics services, we have several projects in development.

In “Between My Ears”, you will read about my ideas, stories, recipes, and events of my professional life which are noteworthy. They may include stories from the job I currently have, as well as things from Artifactuality®, Ornithology™, MapMastery™, and Mama Mo’s™.

What makes “Between My Ears” interesting, you might ask… Well, take a look at where I came from:

As the subtitle suggested: I am a minority woman of a minority group… To be exact, I am a Taiwan-born Chinese woman, who immigrated into the United States as a child, whose parents are from Mainland China, whose family are members of the minority Kuo Ming Tang, and held offices in the Nationalist Party, which went in exile, after the Communist Mao took over, and migrated to the Japan-surrendered Formosa, then discriminated by the native Taiwanese… In short, I was raised in a prominent family who have been minorities everywhere they’ve been to.

So my stories may not simply be an immigrant’s tale. There’s also an element of being an Asian woman who carried lots of cultural and traditional baggage with her into the free country since childhood…  Is it a blessing or a curse? I think both, but you be the judge.

“Between My Ears” has many snippets of things, memories, and reflections based on how I was brought up, what I learned and discovered over the decades, thinking like a Chinese woman, while living and acting like a total American.  Identity Crisis has always been an interesting subject that I’d explore from time to time. I hope, in developing “Between My Ears”, these things that happen between my ears can be organized better, and be taken to the next level, whatever that might be…

Happy reading!

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