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Trigger… Effect… Results.

[This is the second publish of my Facebook Note, originally written and published in March 5, 2010]

Recently we received a link of a music video from a friend of ours. It’s really cool! We favored it on our YouTube channel. After watching this video I can’t help but remembering back in the early 90’s, while I was only a freshman at Cooper, during a 3D Design class, we had an assignment to design an installation to move an object without using hands. My solution to this assignment had become a process to turn a fresh pineapple into a canned pineapple… without the expense of a factory. 🙂 So my friend Victor, who was my partner for this assignment, and I together built something very simple, trying to achieve the schematic in the picture below. It sort of worked–We needed more time to plan and design the perfect mechanism… But let’s get real: it was only a college assignment with limited time and resources. (Classmates: remember this one?)

Rough sketch of one of my projects in 3DD @ Cooper, freshman year

The grand meaning behind this small project was a sarcastic expression of protesting against the food industry in the United States–Where every natural thing turned into processed canned goods… As for the execution– Was I inspired by Rube Goldberg? Maybe… I can’t say that for sure. But I can say this: At the time, while commuting to NYC daily to school, I walked pass a sculpted public art in the Port Authority terminal, which gave me the inspiration. Also at the time, I only lived in the U.S. for about 6 years, still in the cultural shock, so I really didn’t know who Rube Goldberg was. :-[

In 2003. Honda produced a multi-award winning commercial: The Cog. That was so satisfying to watch… Simply amazing! That was one of the most expensive commercial to make. I heard it took something like 150 takes to get it right version… Yikes!

Maybe one of these days, I’ll really fully execute the idea that I had back in 1991. (Dream on!) 😛