Monthly Archives: September 2010

Capitolism and Exploitation of Labor

The nature of capitalism is to exploit. The Internet provides the perfect pipeline to enable exploitation to the extreme. Capitolism exploits artists egos and the Internet has done a fine job to facilitate the act… A.k.a. Crowdsourcing.

As a proud supporter of public radio, it really hurts to hear my favorite radio station, WNYC, exploited graphic designers by soliciting free work to fill their content of Map Your Move Data Visualization project. Their reward for the submitting artists: Dedicating 30 minutes of airtime interviewing the best 5 on the air…

Is that enough? Promotion never guarantees future profits and/or advancement of career.

Is it worth spending 50 hours of your time to do work for free?

They put you on the air for average 6 minutes per person–You are suddenly famous. You feel great because they fed your ego…

Does your bank need to be fed?
Does your ego bring food to the table?