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“BLAST!” is coming to New York City!!

BLASTpromocompositeFinally BLAST! the movie is coming to town!!

The extreme adventure science documentary BLAST! directed by our esteemed colleague Paul Devlin comes to New York the first time from June 11th to 18th. We created the graphics package and maps that helped telling this heroic story of the pursuit of scientific truth. With cutting edge technology in very cold places, BLAST! supplied plenty of real life thrills as well as a rare glimpse into the personal thoughts and beliefs of the scientists who dedicated their lives to the journey…

Congratulations to Paul and the entire BLAST team. The film is absolutely worth seeing for adventurers, philosophers, filmmakers, and any one who has an interest in the question of where it all came from.

BLAST! has been seen and well received around the world. Go to for more information, including the trailer and the upcoming screening schedule in IFC Center and Cinema Village.

Here’s our opening graphic and “how it works” sequence, part of many things we did for this film.