Monthly Archives: April 2009

The music for our “Real World Brooklyn Reunion” Graphic

I just found out that our favorite producer managed to get the license from Duran Duran and have “Notorious” to be aired with our graphic!

Originally we mixed a funky street beat for the Brooklyn Reunion Special graphic package. But never knew that they were trying to get a license from Duran Duran! I guess if they didn’t get it, at least they’d have our remix to fall back on…

“Notorious” worked out so well too!  Very excited to see our graphic played out with the song. Check it out on

By the way, did I say that I recently got the autographs from Duran’s Simon John & Nick? (Don’t mean to rub it in… Ha!)

Lesson of the Day

Recently as I did a project that involved converting a stock photo to illustration, I estimated that I would spend about a couple hours on that drawing because it’s a simple image. So I provided a small quote, also to help out a friend. I ended up spending 6 hours making the drawing! Because, once I began (after the agreement was signed,) I noticed that there were a lot of intricate details within the photo and there’s a great opportunity to make a really beautiful drawing. Through this experience, I learned that I under estimated several things–Most importantly my craft and my (automatic) passion to create beautiful things.

If I didn’t care about making a drawing beautiful, I probably would spend much less time and do an OK job and the work would be finished and the client would still be happy with it. But because I care, I spend more time to make it perfect, the drawing came out exquisite. (Shown here is a detail of the drawing.)

christine's illustration from a stock photography
Christine's illustration from a stock photo