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Hoofy & Boo and the folks who created them at Minyanville

Thanks to Eddy’s introduction, Minyanville were among our new and exciting projects recently. As the markets tanked, Emmy-winning Minyanville bravely moved on to make sense of it and rise above it all… I would guess it’s because now everyone turns to financial experts looking for insightful hints and for some entertainment to escape the harsh financial reality. Minyanville is a funny and clever financial news site that fulfills this need. The humorous dialog between animated characters Hoofy the bull anchorman and Boo the bear reporter, talking about news and making jokes reflecting today’s economy, is what set the Minyanville apart from all the others… For this new friend of Artifactuality’s, we designed 3 show graphic sequences and provided animated elements for their new shows.

In the process, we had the opportunity to work with Live Spark, an animation house based in Minneapolis, who has made Hoofy and Boo come alive. Live Spark used MotionStar, which captures live action of real human actors, to animate the already modeled 3D characters. Working with the creators of Hoofy and Boo at Minyanville Publishing, Artifactuality wrote the script for the opening graphic and presented it as storyboards. We then described the actions and behaviors of Hoofy and Boo to folks at Live Spark. Soon we got high-resolution animation files from Live Spark, ready for composite, without errors or a need for revision… What a pleasant experience working with them!

Go to Minyanville TV to watch Hoofy and Boo in action.

Artifactuality sent off Daddy’s Girls to L.A.

Who are Daddy’s Girls? They are the Simmons Sisters Vanessa and Angela–The precious daughters of Rev. Run (of Run D.M.C.) and nieces of Russell Simmons. Daddy’s Girls is one of MTV’s new series, a spin-off of Run’s House. Artifactuality designed the graphic package for MTV’s Daddy’s Girls launch special “From Run’s House to Our House” right before the holidays last year.  The new series began with the girls moving into an apartment in LA to start up their fashion business Pastry. So, for the opening graphic sequence that launches the new series, the idea naturally focused on their leaving their daddy from New Jersey, traveling across the continent and landing in California with cardboard boxes.

Big kudos go out to Mosheer Bushra, talented 3D designer who helped us with the flying jet and the globe.

Then, it felt like a blink of the eye as we were working on the pitch for a network redesign, we were soon given another opportunity to design for the reunion special Daddy’s Girls: Pastry Party Best of.

The word “Pastry” is the name of the new fashion business that the Simmons Sisters started. “Pastry Party” was a special that looked back the first season of Daddy’s Girls, when the sisters become of age and moved out of Run’s House for the first time in their lives. For the opening graphics of “Pastry Party”, we used a tongue-in-cheek humor and made the pastries dance–truly a pastry party.  😉

“Pastry Party” premiered on Feb 16, 2009.

Hello everybody, It’s been a while and we’ve got a good story to tell…

If you have been receiving our email blasts in the past, and if you happened to think of us between our last email and now, maybe you were wondering “what’s up Artifactuality? Did you fall off the face of the earth?!”

Well let me tell ya: Artifactuality has been busy. One of the many projects we were working on was a pitch for a news network redesign.

The project presented some unique challenges. Our strategy was to present a good looking sample design package and to propose an effective implementation method. In mid January, our presentation went very well and there were a lot of positive feedback. Our expert team of designers, presenters, and technical specialists did a great job showing boards, answering questions and cracking a joke or two.

Two weeks later, our prospect narrowed down their decisions to two companies, including us–Artifactuality. (Yay!) But eventually, they went with the other company. (Ugh!)

But, being the eternal optimist, and looking on the bright side: We stacked up very well against some very big design companies. We had a great experience and learned some insightful lessons that we will bring into our future business. Artifactuality, the lean-mean clean design team in Jersey had a great showing!

Kudos to all on our team and congratulations to National Ministry of Design.