Monthly Archives: December 2007

Awards, awards, awards!

In addition to the Telly award earlier this year, the same project also won 3 silver Davey Awards over Art Direction, Use of Graphics and Editing categories, as well as 1 Creativity Award for Show Opening/IDs/Titles category. (Yay!!)

Copyright Issues

The other day we received an email notice from MySpace saying that we have violated copyright law with MTV’s Real World Philadelphia Reunion opening graphics. Therefore MySpace removed the video from my video section. We want to make sure all of our visitors know that ALL of the art work presented within Artifactuality’s MySpace profile, whether owned by MTV or not, were originally created and produced by Artifactuality. MTV is one of Artifactuality’s clients and we get a lot of work from them. We absolutely guarantee that these are original artwork by Artifactuality. We are also credited by MTV at the end of each program for our art work and design.